Welcoming Entrances

  • Welcome signs, art and landscaping will enhance the entrances to the city.

Green Space 

  • Adding green space to the city by developing small parcels of property to plant and maintain these “parklettes”.


Neighborhood Housing

  • Restoration efforts to keep neighborhood housing looking its best and blight prevention.

Neighborhood Landscapes 

  • Beautification efforts led by neighborhood groups to keep the public spaces of the community looking their best.

Clean & Green Beautiful Business and Homeowners Awards

  • We are developing an annual award program for businesses and homeowners dedicated to maintaining a positive image in the community. 

Interstate Beautification 

  • Planting daffodil bulbs, wildflowers or other landscaping along the roadsides where highways intersect our community. 

Community Gardens

  •  Providing residents a chance to grow vegetables and fruits in areas dedicated to gardens; providing resources, information and support.

Community of Trees

  • A partnership to proliferate and preserve trees with the New Albany Tree Board in partnership with businesses and citizens who value trees as a community asset.

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